www.wayofdharma.com is a platform for spreading dharmic traditions and religions. Our goal is to make Hinduism missionary. Hinduism today fights an asymmetric battle against both Christianity and Islam, both of who seek to convert Indian Religionists to their respective faiths. The Indian Constitution dis-incentivizes Indian Religionists specifically Hindus, by controlling funds of their temples and educational institutes, while giving a free hand to Islam and Christianity to have free control on running their places of worship and places of education.

Hence, unfortunately, the battles for our civilizational continuity has to be fought with the same rules that Christians and Muslims employ ā€“ of missionary activity and religious conversion. This is the narrow view of the platform.

The grander view of the platform

is to spread Vedic spiritual ideas, better more empowering and inclusive ideas of God, spread awareness and reach of alternate medicine for healing such as ā€” Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Traditi

onal Chinese medicine, and so on.