Our Projects

Projects run and funded by Srijan Foundation Trust:

School of Happiness

School of Happiness is a non-formal after-school available to kids from lower economic backgrounds from neighbouring urban-villages of Kishan Garh Village & Meharauli. The after-school..


www.wayofdharma.com is a platform for spreading dharmic traditions and religions. Our goal is to make Hinduism missionary. Hinduism today fights an asymmetric battle against both Christianity and Islam, ..

Srijan Talks

Started in Jan 2016 this is a series of talks on topics closely related to the Indian Civilization. Our topics cover history, economics, Indian languages, education, some burning current topics, culture, ..topics, culture,


www.indictales.com is a platform for spreading narratives of Indian history told from India’s perspectives. Our goal is to break the popular leftist narratives of seeing India’s history from the eyes of….