Col Ramakrishnan CM
Chief Functionary


Col Ramakrishnan CM spent a fulfilling career serving in the Indian Armed Forces. Upon his retirement nearly two decades ago, he decided to dedicate his retired life to serving lesser privileged children in nearby villages. He has been instrumental in changing the lives of many students with remedial, non-formal education. He is the guiding light and the vision behind Srijan Foundation Trust.


Rahul Dewan is the founder of Srijan Technologies, a 16-year-old consulting company with expertise in building and modernising digital systems in areas such as Enterprise Content Management, Data Engineering & Analytics, DevOps and API Management, and taking the first tentative steps with Data Science & Machine Learning. Rahul is the force behind Srijan Foundation Trust, translating into real-time action the vision of its founders.


Subhash Dewan has accrued over 50 years of experience in trade and distribution of electronic components and products and has turned his family enterprise into leading name in the market. While pursuing an active professional life, he devotes the balance of his time to the selfless service of the underprivileged and weaker sections so as to be able to give back to society.



With over 10 years of experience in the domain of Finance and Accounts, Arjun Singh manages all the financial transactions and related matters of Finance and Accounting of Srijan Foundation.