Job Opening for ‘Executive Assistant to Trustee (Rahul Dewan), Srijan Foundation Trust’


I am looking for an ‘Executive Assistant’ to help me run our projects at Srijan Foundation better. As the title of the job suggests, this is NOT only a ‘secretarial job’; it is a job that requires a high-energy person with a huge hunger for success of our dharmic projects, and equally hunger for growth in development of one’s own career as well. A willingness to do secretarial jobs such as setting up calendars to having the discipline and high-energy required in organizing large scale events — is the ask from this job profile. Taking instructions and executing on it (with often the right amount of smart innovation) really well is a key aspect of this job. The job requires a very high amount of discipline, self-organisation and an ability to do grunt jobs day-in and day-out.

Job Description for ‘Executive Assistant to Trustee (Rahul Dewan), Srijan Foundation Trust’

  1. Write letters in English and Hindi (with equal flair)
    1. Write letters to various government departments and MPs on a host of issues. For example, the of nature of letters could be from extremely local issues (Delhi roads, Traffic Police, etc.) to issues of national importance (Religious conversion, lobbying for equal rights to Hindus, etc)
    2. Follow-up on these letters sent to ensure the govt departments and MPs send. To do this, the person has to be extremely self-organised and not require micro-management and spoon-feeding
    3. Write letters to social and civil society influencers such as journalists, TV anchors, spokespersons of political parties, others, educating them and sharing with them Hindu perspectives (including #HinduCharter) to raise their awareness, thus encouraging and empowering them (with data) to raise these issues in TV channels, newspaper articles and other social channels
  2. File RTIs for issues such as finding Hindu temples under govt control
  3. Build relationships with journalists (Hindi and English) around the country and organise meetups with them to introduce them to the #HinduCharter
  4. Send fundraising emails, newsletters or letters to setup meetings with donors in India including High-Networth-Individuals (HNIs) or CSR heads of various large corporations
  5. Assist (or lead) organizing #SrijanTalks events in Delhi (perhaps even spread them to other cities in India)
    1. Co-ordinate with Srijan Foundation’s volunteer teams to organize events
  6. Find and use volunteers for various tasks in this role
  7. Co-ordinate with Srijan Foundation’s social media team to bring/manage effectiveness in our social media. Also create tweets oneself on specific agreed topics
  8. Organise and mobilise people on WhatsApp/Telegram groups and via social media for specific events of interest to Srijan Foundation
  9. Coordinate with team members of all projects undertaken by SrijanFn to ensure roadblocks are removed (in co-ordination with Rahul Dewan and other Trustees)

Requirements: –

  1. Must be a strong, grounded and proud Hindu
  2. Must be an excellent writer, specifically, letters
  3. Have an equal flair of communicating in English and in Hindi
  4. Desiring to serve Dharma and the nation while earning a fair living doing so; not overtly career-minded; have minimalistic needs in life
  5. Preferably a good organizer
  6. Good verbal / oratory skills preferred
  7. Very disciplined and self-organised
  8. Demonstrated ability to work according to a calendar

To Apply: –

In order to apply for this job, please share 2-3 paragraphs note on yourself in English and Hindi and why you would want this job. If you write a blog posts or have written any articles in the past, please do share the links as well.

You may write to us at ‘support at srijanfn dot org

Our responses may be slow, hence please do not be impatient. If we like what you write, we will get back to you.

Location: – New Delhi.

About Srijan Foundation: –

Founded in Oct. 2006, ‘Srijan Foundation Trust’ is non-profit registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. We are exempted under 12A and 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. We encourage our donors to donate recurring amount of money per month instead of making one-time large donations. To make it easy for our donors we wish to have an online facility available for them to make such recurring donations via their Credit Cards or other payment methods such as UPI, etc.

Srijan Foundation Trust is engaged in many social projects directly and supports several Indian non-profits financially. It’s areas of direct interventions are:

  1. i) non-formal education for underprivileged children
  2. ii) creating content, including video, covering issues of importance to the Indian civilization specifically concerning our history

iii) spreading spiritual values

Further, Srijan Foundation Trust supports several non-profits and individuals working in areas of social and national importance.

About #SrijanTalks

‘Srijan Foundation Trust’ runs a YouTube channel and platform called #SrijanTalks. This platform enables Indic speakers to deliver lectures on history, knowledge and current issues related to the thousands of years old Indian civilization. Our speakers are mainstream academics from India or all around the world, researchers doing independent history research on Indian heroes, activists working for preservation of Indian civilizational knowledge and spiritual leaders.

We record these lectures, carry out high quality editing, and upload these on your YouTube channel for larger global viewership. Our lectures are currently held in Delhi and Bangalore. You may see the channel:

We run these lectures in New Delhi on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 2pm to 6:30pm. We host 3 lectures during these hours. The venue is usually INTACH in Lodhi Estate OR in Ambedkar International Centre on Janpath. In Bangalore our lectures are organised somewhat adhoc at the moment.

About Rahul Dewan

Rahul is a tech and social entrepreneur. He founded and runs Srijan Foundation which runs non-formal schools as well as several Dharmic/Indic projects. Among the important projects of the Foundation is #SrijanTalks — a platform and YouTube channel for mainstreaming and spreading Indic civilizational ideas and retelling our history from our perspectives. The foundation also runs which hopes to make spread Hinduism globally among western and a global agnostic audience by speaking to them in their respective languages. Rahul is a member of the #HinduCharter team, a newly formed group of activists which aims to lobby with the govt to bring in legislative change ensuring Hindu interests in India are protected and furthered. He is a daily meditator and a follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Sakaar Sewa Samiti

Sakaar Sewa Samiti has taken upon itself the monumental mission of cleaning the Ganga Ghats at Varanasi – one ghat at a time – and of mobilizing public support for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan that has caught the imagination of Indians all across the country.

Sakaar Sewa Samiti was started by Shailesh Pandey and Temsutula Imsong in Ghazipur in 2011 to promote rural development, education and employment generation as well as rural awareness to cleanliness. In 2013, a determined Temsutula Imsong led a small team of volunteers to clean up Prabhu Ghat, reputed to be the filthiest of all ghats, on the banks of the Ganga at Varanasi. Having garnered support through social media as well as local crowdsourcing, asking one and all to join in, the team took 3 days to clean up Prabhu Ghat of three hundred kilos of garbage and human waste, all the while posting updates and pictures on social media to show actual, real time progress.

The final picture of the mission – of a brightly lit, spotlessly clean Prabhu Ghat at twilight – was circulated widely on the internet as a visual ode to the ‘can do’ spirit of every volunteer and member of Saakar Sewa Samiti.

Apart from the widespread support and appreciation earned social media, Temsutula Imsong’s efforts were noticed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who tweeted about the success of the mission and saluted the spirit of the entire team. The accolades and recognition, which include meetings with Prime Minister Modi, have only strengthened Temsutula Imsong’s resolve to spread her mission of cleanliness to more and more Indians.

Today, in addition to spreading the message of Swachh Bharat, Sakaar Sewa Samiti is also engaged in conducting workshops, especially for schoolchildren, about solid waste management, recycling and composting. The aim is to make the children aware of the importance of waste management and how it is integral to cleanliness, so as to instill values of sanitation and civic sense in them at a young age.

Srijan Foundation Trust steadfastly supports Saakar Sewa Samiti as the organization shares common goals of revitalizing and rebuilding a new, vibrant India.

Aarohan Learning Centre

Aarohan Learning Centre – Facilitating Learning Among Underprivileged Communities

Aarohan Learning Centre is a Delhi based non-profit dedicated to empowering those from lesser privileged backgrounds by providing education as well as skill development. Aarohan started in 2012 with teaching tailoring skills to a small batch of women from the local community in Shahadara in East Delhi, and soon expanded to include a learning centre to provide non formal education to their children as well.

The objectives of Aarohan Learning Centre are two-fold i.e. to grow as an after-school learning centre as well as a skill-building centre by running multiple batches to reach more and more students and women from surrounding areas; and to help initiate independent micro enterprises by the women upon completion of training and help sell their produce through multiple outlets like exhibitions and ecommerce ventures.

Aarohan Learning Centre has helped many children, studying in nearby Government Schools, improve their learning skills, academic performance and overall development using multiple tools and methods of education.

Similarly, Aarohan Learning Centre has impacted the lives of many women positively through imparting skills in tailoring, designing and embroidery. Most of these women have become self-sufficient with stitching from home, while a few have even gone on to start their own boutique businesses or training centres in their own communities.

Srijan Foundation Trust is committed to supporting Aarohan Learning Centre to help bring about real, tangible change at the grass root level in the areas of Education and Community Empowerment, thereby fulfilling its mission of Reclaiming, Rebuilding and Revitalizing the Indian Civilization.