Religious Riots : Underlying Causes

Hindus should ask why people convert           The outbreak of communal violence in Orissa has disturbing implications. The state, with a 22 per cent tribal population, has been largely peaceful since the gruesome murder of Graham Staines, a Christian missionary, and his two children in 1999. As in the case of the Staines’s murder, Hindu fundamentalists … Continue reading Religious Riots : Underlying Causes

India in Danger: Pak Nuclear Arsenal and Terrorists

Pakistan is caught in a downward spiral of terrorism and violence.      Worse, it has no worthwhile institution that inspires confidence. Its Legislatures are but empty wind bags, its political parties are in complete disarray. The judiciary which was trying to stand up has been buried up to the neck.       The Army and the … Continue reading India in Danger: Pak Nuclear Arsenal and Terrorists

Rotary: Poster Painting: Participation

Rotary South West Delhi held a Poster Painting competetion on 25 Dec. Over 600 chidren took part in the competetion. Special thanks are due to Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Mr Watwani, Mr Subhash Dewan for inviting our under privilaged children. Thanks to Rahul Dewan for running till last minute collecting boards. Furkan Pathan, Lakshman Ahirwar and Suraj Lal … Continue reading Rotary: Poster Painting: Participation