Srijan Foundation Trust is a registered non-profit under the _________________.

The objective of the foundation is to revitalize the Indian Civilization. This large objective must be achieved via  several:

  1. Freeing Hindu Temples from Govt Control. Doing this would make available thousands of crores annually, for charitable activities run by temples, in each state across India
  2. Retelling the history of India from perspectives of Indians. The way to do this would be to make content accessible in all Indian languages. To make research and translations an institutionalized process would be key to achievement of this goal.
  3. Spread Indic spiritual ideas in India & across the world. The way to do this would be to making content accessible in all Indian and major global languages
  4. Support entrepreneurial ventures of Indian Religionists across women, dalit and generally lower economic strata of Indian society across states
  5. Investing in creating native forests & local water conservation systems across India
  6. Support financially, other non-profits working in similar areas and broadly aligned with the overall objective of revitalizing the Indian nation & Indian civilization as a whole.

Srijan Foundation raises its money from CSR funds allocation of Srijan Technologies, a software services firm headquartered in New Delhi. It also raises money from individuals and institutions for sustaining and promoting its programmes.



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