India. An idea. A philosophy. A tradition. A civilization. A consciousness. A moment caught in eternity. An etern-

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About Us

Srijan Foundation Trust started out at the turn of this millenium with running a few non-formal after

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Generations of Indians, especially Hindus have unwittingly suffered ignominy and degradation

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Activity Reports

Read the Activity reports of Srijan Foundation Trust Year- wise. These reports list all projects that are running

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Our Projects

Projects Supported by Srijan Foundation

Freeing Temples from Govt Control (Supporting TR Ramesh)

All Temple Donations & Rental Income from Temple-Owned Lands Is Controlled By State

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Indic Collective Trust

Indic Collective Trust is a Chennai based registered trust of lawyers, intellectuals and activists committed to the renaissance of the

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Aarohan Learning Centre

Aarohan Learning Centre is a Delhi based non-profit dedicated to empowering those from lesser privileged backgrounds by providing

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Sakaar Sewa Samiti

Sakaar Sewa Samiti has taken upon itself the monumental mission of cleaning the Ganga Ghats at Varanasi – one ghat at a time - and of

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Corpus Donation to Srijan Foundation

Srijan Foundation is now poised for a bigger role in reshaping the Indic narrative by expanding its footprint, by taking on newer projects and by extending its reach to more cities in India. We at Srijan Foundation solicit your support to help us scale up in our endeavor to spread knowledge and awareness. Please make your donation. No amount is too small as every drop is precious.

Our Team

Col Ramakrishan CM

Chief Functionary

Rahul Dewan


Subhash Dewan

Vice President

Arjun Singh


Seema Gupta

Project Co-Ordinator

Khurkan Pathan

Video Editor

Bala Ramya Rohini

Event Co-Ordinator

Pragya Priyadarshini

Event Co-Ordinator

Mona Sharma

Content Writer

Deepika Pathak

Content Writer

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